Personalized recommendations and remediation.

(What is a security prepper anyway?)

Have Sufficient Security Now, and Be Prepared for Later.

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With violence in the street increasing at alarming rates it’s time to do what we can to prevent it from spilling from the street into our homes.

SecurityPrepper provides Home Security Assessments and Solutions to keep your family safe.

We developed a Home Security Assessment that covers many weak points that can make a home into a potential target.
We survey your home from every angle, from exterior doors to the lighting to lessen the chance of your home being seen as a soft target.

Our report will propose practical ways to make your home more secure.
Such as exterior lighting, cameras, and hardening your doors and windows to prevent entry.

Many of our recommendations are low cost.
In addition to making recommendations, our professional installation will be done right and many times costing less than doing it yourself.
You want to know that your home is a safe place where you are protected from the violence on the street.
Give us a call at 914-329-2397 to schedule a security assessment so you can sleep easily knowing your family is secure.

Basic Home Security Assessment – Local Chicago Area or via Remote Video: $250

Is that all I need to do?

Listen to the recommendations and I’m good?

Nope! But much more critical than planning for the zombie apocalypse is to start small, and prepare first for more likely and short duration emergencies.

You’ve started down the road to being safer and better prepared.

Want help with Security or Preparedness? Call 914-329-2397.

I provide personalized on-site recommendations and remediation.

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